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GHOST STORY - John Watson loves his husband, but he'd like Sherlock Holmes to leave this case alone.They're supposed to be taking a break from London and from work, but when has Sherlock's brain ever taken a holiday? And honestly, the disappearance of Gloria Evans bothers them both - though for very different reasons.Not every case has to be high stakes.
Not everything is a matter of life or death.
But sometimes it is.

5-star Praise for Ghost Story:"GV Pearce has written us a wonderfully atmospheric, beautifully paced book... It is in turns poignant, charming, funny and unsettling, but it’s deftly wound together in a conclusion that satisfies..."
— Narelle M. Harris
"A lively, delightfully atmospheric and intricately detailed modern Sherlock Holmes book…I devoured it in one go. Unputdownable."
— Julian Stuart
"Such a treat! A well crafted experience that has left me wanting more! I'd read a dozen more instalments of this!"
— Trudy Holtz

STRANGEST DAY SO FAR- Life-changing injuries, a shared hospital room, a monster at the door - can you think of a better way to fall in love?Ronan Cox sets aside his peculiar past to pursue his military career. Then he's shot down over an Iraq desert, meets an eldritch being, and wakes up in an American hospital.Byron Slain, aka Benjamin Williams, aka the tattooed, pierced pretty boy in the bed beside Ronan's, has his own strange story, but no time to tell it when a clawed cryptid comes scratching at their hospital door.And then things start getting really strange.

5-Star Praise for Strangest Day So Far:"I started reading this book with the intention of filling up an hour or so between coffee and lunch, and ended up finishing it without putting it down once. I was riveted. Read this if you like sparkling humour, brilliant, rapid-fire dialogue, and the slow realisation of two idiots falling in love."
— Ali Coyne
"Don’t let yourself be fooled, dear readers: this story is a masterful exercise in building suspense and bone chilling dread wrapped in hints and by-the-ways, and all the hilarious shenanigans the characters get up to make you fall in love with them just for you to scream at the book when they’re in danger."
— Božena Čechalová
"My only complaint, I have to wait for the next book to find out even more about these captivating and hilarious characters! Five out of five. I can not wait to read the next one."
— Haunted MTL

Who Sleuthed It? Anthology - a book about animals helping their animal friends – or their human sidekicks – solve a host of diabolical crimes and whimsical mysteries.This anthology from Clan Destine Press features a host of Australian, American, and Irish authors.

DARK CHEER: CRYPTIDS EMERGING Volume Silver Anthology - for the lovers of things that go bump in the night.

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